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At Kaltura, we know that we are part of a thriving video ecosystem. That's why we have always invested in building and supporting a community of partners who's groundbreaking solutions span the depth and breadth of video technology. Together, we strive to deliver the most innovative video experiences for our customers across a diverse market landscape.

  • Standard Partners

    Our Standard Partners leverage Kaltura’s extensive video APIs to build related and integrated products. They have access to Kaltura’s open source tools, a sponsored Kaltura account for the integration period, and development support. These partners can quickly join the partnership program with no pre-commitments and immediately begin developing a joint solution. Upon establishing successful integration and acquiring joint customers, Kaltura can offer basic joint-marketing activities such as case studies, webinars and PRs for selected partners.

  • Premier Partners

    Our Premier Partners develop deep integration with Kaltura’s platform and applications. They work directly with our product experts, partner managers and sales channels to design a seamless user experience. Under this exclusive program, selected partners get access to relevant customer-base, co-marketing, and deep collaboration during sales and go-live phases to ensure long lasting satisfaction to Kaltura’s customers. Learn more.

  • Elite Partners

    Our Elite Partners white-label their technology into Kaltura’s platform, to create a one-stop video solution for our customers. Our Elite partners are an integral part Kaltura’s product suite, commercial terms and pricing structure. The program is designed for new technologies that are highly demanded by Kaltura’s customers and enhance Kaltura’s core offering. Under this program, partners establish strategic collaboration, where marketing, sales, and support are led by Kaltura.

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  • Annoto
    Annoto is B2B SAAS company that provides an in-video collaboration solution that turns static, 1-way video Stream/VOD into an active group learning experience, where participants contribute, share and learn together. Users can lean forward and become participants and not just passive and lonely viewers, causing all users to be actively involved and return to the video content, sharing more ideas and creating more meaningful content. Resulting in higher engagement and retention, supported by comprehensive analytics and insights, that facilitate dramatic improvements to content, communications, and measurable outcomes.
  • Display5
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    Display5’s enterprise software platform is used by corporate customers to manage all kinds of digital media on displays of all sizes and brands, e.g. digital signs, room panels, video walls, wallboards, or on desktop channels. Display5’s architecture is 100% web based and is easily integrated with like technologies. Through our integrations we allow our customers to format the information from many sources onto displays and desktops exactly as desired. Display5 is tightly integrated with the Kaltura platform. Our integration allows customers to log into their Kaltura account directly from within Display5 and pull video assets into a Display5 show in combination with other digital media assets. Display5 and Kaltura’s integration brings two separate technology platforms together seamlessly.
  • Glimpse Group
    Glimpse Group
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    The Glimpse Group is a Virtual and Augmented Reality company, comprised of multiple VR and AR software & services start-ups.
  • Hive Streaming
    Hive Streaming
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    Hive Streaming provides efficient and secure software-based video delivery solutions. Our service enables enterprises to leverage their existing investment in hardware and bandwidth so their employees can view high-quality on-demand and live video on their own devices. Hive Streaming seamlessly integrates with leading enterprise video management and conferencing platforms.
  • Inmobly
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    Inmobly, Inc. is an Ohio State University spinoff pioneering a new paradigm for over-the-top, SaaS mobile video delivery solutions. Co-founded by Dr. Hesham El Gamal and Dr. Nayer Wanas and Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, inmobly’s proprietary technology enables the world’s first true last mile video delivery via advanced, cloud-based, predictive algorithms. Our end-to-end platform is serving the full mobile ecosystem by increasing revenues for content publishers through targeted advertising and enhanced mobile user experience while decongesting mobile networks and reducing capital/operating expenses.
  • InPlayer
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    At InPlayer we have a long-term dedication to providing the very best full service to our clients, those just embarking on their monetization journey, and those well established in the space. This allows them to focus on what they do best; creating quality content while confidently and comfortably relying on us to take care of all the technical infrastructure in the back end!
  • powtoon new logo
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    Powtoon is the leading Visual Communication Platform that empowers you to achieve measurable results by transforming everyday communications into visual experiences that actually get your audience to care, connect, and act. Over 30 million people across the world, including 96% of all Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League universities use Powtoon for internal communications, HR, learning and development, explainer videos, classroom education experiences, and much more.
  • Ramp
    Ramp reduces the bandwidth needed to stream uninterrupted, high-quality video on corporate networks. Our eCDN software solutions for multicasting, video caching and peer-to-peer (P2P) networking optimize video for every viewer at every location on your network.
  • VideoKen
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    VideoKen’s powerful, but lightweight embedded video player, provides unique capabilities to summarize the key topics within a video and navigate to the topics of interest. This helps deal with the problem that virtually no one has the patience to fully watch informational videos being created by organizations for learning, sales enablement, marketing and communication. These capabilities are built on a foundation of cutting-edge research involving Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. VideoKen holds 6 granted US patents in video technology.
  • Wochit
    Wochit is a predictive video creation platform that empowers any storyteller, regardless of experience or skill, to create unique high-impact videos at scale and unprecedented speed. Each month, hundreds of media companies, brands, and agencies leverage Wochit’s cloud-based platform that contains a rights-cleared library of 100 million+ commercial and editorial images and videos from top professional and social sources, to create compelling video content that attracts and engages audiences across owned and syndicated digital channels.
  • Wonda VR
    Wonda VR
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    Wonda VR is a VR software company revolutionizing the way we learn and discover the world using immersive technologies. Wonda VR Studio, the company's flagship creation and publishing self-service solution has been chosen by 7,000+ content creators, and more than 300 universities such as Harvard University, NYU and Berkeley, as well as Pearson as well as business training department such as Cisco, MassMutual or Intel. In 2018, the company is launching Wonda VR Spaces, a new social learning platform for VR.
  • 24i
    At 24i we create and deploy TV apps for every screen, from set-top boxes, SmartTVs and media players to game consoles, tablets and mobile phones. With a team of elite designers and expert developers and a unique technology framework, 24i services leading media companies, networks, broadcasters, operators and content owners, including RTL, Viacom and VEO. Our state-of-the-art TV apps give our clients competitive advantages that enable new revenue streams by establishing interactive and personalized relationships with TV content consumers across all relevant TV platforms.
  • 3Play Media
    3Play Media
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    3Play Media makes your videos searchable, accessible, and SEO-friendly by providing high quality closed captions, searchable interactive transcripts, and translated subtitles. 3Play Media is seamlessly integrated with Kaltura KMC and MediaSpace. Your video files can be transferred directly from Kaltura KMC or MediaSpace to your 3Play Media account for processing. After your captions or subtitles have been processed, they are automatically added to your videos. Turnaround time is specified at the time of upload and can be as quick as 2 hours.
  • Ai Media Group, Inc.
    Ai Media Group, Inc.
    Ai Media Group is a digital media agency that uses patent pending technology to analyze real-time data.
  • Akamai
    As the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, delivering 95 exabytes of data a year across billions of devices, Akamai makes it easier for you to provide the best and most secure digital experiences on any device, anytime, anywhere. With the broadest array of best-in-class cloud delivery products and services, including superior web and mobile performance, cloud security, enterprise access, and video delivery solutions – all underpinned by exceptional customer service and 24/7 monitoring – you can count on our people and technology to support you every step of the way.
  • Alibaba
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese multinational conglomerate specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, AI and technology.
  • Alphonso
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    Alphonso Insights puts real-time analytics at your fingertips. From the technology leaders in closed-loop attribution for location, purchases and TV tune-in.
  • Amara
    Amara's award-winning technology enables you to caption and subtitle any video for free.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale cloud computing easier for developers. Amazon EC2’s simple web service interface allows you to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources and lets you run on Amazon’s proven computing environment. Amazon EC2 reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes, allowing you to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change. Amazon EC2 changes the economics of computing by allowing you to pay only for capacity that you actually use. Amazon EC2 provides developers the tools to build failure resilient applications and isolate them from common failure scenarios.
  • AppNexus
    AppNexus is an American multinational technology company whose cloud-based software platform enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising.
  • AREC Inc.
    AREC Inc.
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    AREC is a manufacturer that specializes in the Lecture Capture and AV-over-IP solutions, providing embedded all-in-one Media Stations, Lecturer Auto-Tracking System, and Media Collaboration System. Designed specifically for networked environments, AREC Media Stations supports multiple Full HD sources capturing, mixing, switching, recording and live streaming to produce a creative video easily. AREC’s solution is flexible and effective in the market and is ideal for education, enterprise training, surgical teaching, and more.
  • Authôt
    Authôt accompanies you, step by step, thanks to its online transcription, subtitling, indexing and translation app.
  • Automatic Sync Technologies
    Automatic Sync Technologies
    Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) has been providing captioning services for over 15 years, making us one of the most experienced and proven video accessibility service providers in the market today. Our CaptionSync service was originally developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Education to address the unique needs of higher education, and has evolved to serve thousands of clients in a wide range of verticals, including publishers, government entities, libraries, and technology enterprises. 
  • Big Video
    Big Video
    Big Video can get you quotes at local rates from our network of qualified videographers from around the world.
  • BIGVU Inc.
    BIGVU Inc.
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    BIGVU Teleprompter App is a pocket-sized TV studio including a prompter, green screen replacement & eye-catching visuals. Producing high quality videos that once took hours now takes minutes.
  • BizVision
    BizVision's® mission is to provide on-demand access to 1,000s of quality training/business videos for a fraction of the cost of hardcopy DVDs.
  • Blackboard
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    Our mission is to partner with the global education community to enable learner and institutional success, leveraging innovative technologies and services. With an unmatched understanding of the world of the learner, the most comprehensive student-success solutions, and the greatest capacity for innovation, Blackboard is education's partner in change.
  • Cattura Video
    Cattura Video
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    Cattura Video® offers a robust, highly automated, and simple-to-use recording and broadcasting appliance to streamline your multimedia recording and live streaming workflows into Kaltura seamlessly. CaptureCast produces a one-of-a-kind multi-input recording solution to capture from one or many cameras and any teaching devices to deliver a rich multimedia video experience for lecture capture, distance learning, medical simulations, training and collaboration, and more. Cattura Video has been a partner with Kaltura since 2009 and has developed a sophisticated integration and robust workflow that is used by universities, medical schools, and law schools all over the world.
  • Cedexis
    The Cedexis Platform provides automated, predictive, and cost-optimal routing of your apps, video, and content across CDNs, Data centers, and Cloud networks.
  • CenturyLink
    CenturyLink provides core transport, IP, voice, video, and content delivery for medium-to-large Internet carriers around the world.
  • cielo24
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    cielo24 has built a flexible captioning platform leveraging automation and on demand labor sourcing that solves accessibility and search for our largest partners. cielo24 is fully integrated with Kaltura Media Space and is available in 13 native languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Cantonese and Korean.
  • Cinema8
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    Cinema8 Creative Studio allows users to create interactive experiences, just drag and drop tools such as questions, feedbacks, buttons, custom forms, clickable areas and more.
  • Civitas Learning
    Civitas Learning
    Civitas Learning gathers data and helps identify students at risk of not graduating.
  • Cleeng
    Cleeng empowers content owners, broadcasters and publishers to fully embrace the potential of videos. Sell streaming video, live and on-demand. Broadcast live and monetize videos via pay per view, subscriptions, or passes using Cleeng's OTT platform.
  • Collaaj
    Collaaj video platform offers advanced recording tools, video CMS, and video hosting allowing you to create a flipped classroom and share private videos.
  • comScore
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    comScore is a recognized global leader in cross-platform measurement of audiences, advertising and consumer behavior. Built on precision and innovation, comScore combines proprietary TV, digital and movie viewing data with vast demographic details to measure consumers’ multiscreen behavior at scale. With more than 3,200 clients and a global footprint in 70 countries, comScore is delivering the future of media measurement.
  • Coull
    Coull specializes in analyzing video content and viewer engagement to deliver targeted ads.
  • Crestron Electronics
    Crestron Electronics
    Crestron leads with the way with AV integration equipment – where video comes to life and audio is crystal clear. Whether you need to control an AV presentation, video conference or update your digital signage, Crestron Electronics® will keep you connected and in control of your technology
  • D2L
    D2L believes learning is the foundation upon which all progress and achievement rests. Working closely with organizations globally, D2L has transformed the way millions of people learn online and in the classroom.
  • dotSUB
    dotSUB's browser based technology and services enable closed captions and multilingual subtitles to be generated — by dotSUB's professional translators or crowd-sourced with your employees, partners or fans — for any online video in any source language across all platforms and mobile screens around the world. Captions and subtitles are proven to increase video accessibility, audience engagement, global reach, and SEO discovery. It is easy and fun to use.
  • Dynamic Yield
    Dynamic Yield
    Dynamic Yield's Personalization Anywhere™ tech helps marketers increase revenue by individualizing each user's interactions across web, mobile and email.
  • Elemental Technologies
    Elemental Technologies
    Innovative technology from AWS Elemental allows media companies to deliver live and on-demand video to any device, at any time, all at once.
  • eNautics
    eNautics is a certified Oracle Gold and Adobe Solutions Partner. They specialize in Oracle and Adobe Experience Cloud.
  • Epiphan Video
    Epiphan Video
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    Epiphan Video encoding hardware is the most reliable on the market. The Epiphan Pearl Mini and Pearl-2 systems are directly integrated with Kaltura, offering users a robust solution for recording and streaming with multiple video and professional audio sources.
  • eSyncTraining
    eSyncTraining specializes in LMS LTI and interactive online applications including custom pods, API integration for Adobe Connect, and eLearning courses.
  • Exaltive
    Streamline your new user adoption with Exaltive Video Guided Workflows, a suite of tools that combine Interactive Videos with Application User Interfaces.
  • Extron Electronics
    Extron Electronics
    Discover the innovative world of Extron and learn about the latest in Pro AV integration products, software, news updates, and expert system support.
  • EyeSee
    EyeSee is a Belgian high-tech market research company that developed an online platform for webcam based eye tracking and facial coding, making the benefits accessible on the internet.
  • eyeson
    eyeson is taking video interaction and collaboration to the next stage due to its patented Single Stream Technology. Our focus is set on developing new standards in real-time video collaboration, setting future standards in business and industries, enabling new forms of collaboration across frontiers and devices. Based on its broad and long-established experience, eyeson has extensive know-how in secure real-time communication, investing continuously in enhancing leading edge technologies in its Research & Development division. We therefore have strong partnerships with various industries in order to develop innovations for and together with markets.
    EZDRM is a pioneer, leader and innovator of a managed hosted Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS) solution
  • Fastly
    Fastly's edge cloud platform helps the world's most popular digital businesses keep pace with their customer expectations.
  • Frameweld
    Accelerating Innovation. Strategy - Software - Design - Realize your vision, catalyze innovation, deliver results, and stand out from the crowd.
  • FreeWheel
    FreeWheel offers a suite of tools that uses data for targeted ads.
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics
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    Improve the customer experience with digital analytics. Google Analytics gives you the digital analytics tools you need to analyze data from all touchpoints in one place, for a deeper understanding of the customer experience. You can then share the insights that matter with your whole organization.
  • Gracenote
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    Gracenote is the world’s leading entertainment data and technology company. We power the top music services, consumer electronics companies, automakers, media companies and cable and satellite operators on the planet. At its core, Gracenote helps connect people with the entertainment they love most.
  • Graymatics
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    Automatic, real-time indexing, analysis and classification of videos
  • HaiVision Network Video
    HaiVision Network Video
    HaiVision is a market leader in enterprise video and streaming solutions, including encoding, internet streaming, IPTV, and video management & distribution.
  • HapYak Interactive Video
    HapYak Interactive Video
    Activate, motivate, and measure audiences with interactive video campaigns created on a SaaS platform built to scale with your Enterprise organization.
  • Harmonic
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    Harmonic enables its customers to produce, deliver and monetize amazing video experiences — with unequalled business agility and operational efficiency — by providing market-leading innovation, high-quality service and compelling total cost of ownership.
  • IMT
    IMT is a systems integrator, with customers across the U.S., specializing in enterprise IT with a focus on the media industries.
  • InfiniGraph
    InfiniGraph amplifies video play rates through a programmatic mobile video intelligence platform powered by a machine learning technology called KRAKEN™ maximizing the brands effectiveness and content marketing spend.
  • Intellify Learning
    Intellify Learning
    Intellify Learning is a fast-emerging learning data management and analytics solutions company. Intellify delivers highly scalable, cloud-based, Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities to collect, store, manage, access and deliver learning intelligence-driven analytics and other advanced data-driven capabilities to the education market. Intellify enables its clients and partners to measure, inform and enhance the teaching, learning, and the comprehensive online digital curriculum experience.
  • Intertrust Technologies
    Intertrust Technologies
    Intertrust Technologies invents, develops, and delivers technologies for trusted computing, digital privacy, and security among leading global corporations from mobile and CE manufacturers and service providers, to enterprise software platform companies. Intertrust and its subsidiaries are also developing new trusted computing services for vertical markets related to consumer privacy, Internet processing of DNA data, and smart grid
  • Joomla
    Joomla! is the mobile-ready and user-friendly way to build your website. Choose from thousands of features and designs. Joomla! is free and open source.
  • Jukwa Limited
    Jukwa Limited
    Solving problems, developing strategies and creating new broadcast and media businesses for our clients - Jukwa Ltd - UK, Europe, Africa.
  • Klangoo Inc
    Klangoo Inc
    Klangoo can extract what a video or text is about, we call this the “aboutness”. No need for your team to tag content. Based on combining the “aboutness” with an individual’s content consumption we offer implicit and explicit personalization features. We can do this dynamically on one site, across multiple sites or your whole network, in over 50 languages. The technology can be deployed using Widgets or a well-documented API.
  • KnowledgeVision
    KnowledgeVision is the world’s most flexible online video presentation platform
  • LibLynx
    Maximize your opportunity to grow sales, memberships and usage by enabling support for a wide range of individual and organizational users, authentication methods, and business models. Authentication methods supported include IP ranges, Single Sign On (e.g. Shibboleth, OpenAthens), referral URL and username/password.
  • LiftIgniter
    LiftIgniter is a machine learning personalization company out of Google's famed machine learning research lab where our team helped build Youtube's recommendation algorithms.
  • Lingk
    Lingk empowers data professionals, teams and organizations with self-service, intelligent, big data processing experiences
  • Linius
    Effortlessly search all your video content, for any object, across multiple sources. Easily assemble custom videos on-the-fly. Programmatically deliver previously impossible hyper-personalized video streams.
  • LiveU
    LiveU pioneers portable cellular backpack solutions for reliable and high-quality video streaming and live broadcasting using HEVC live video transmission.
  • LogoBar
    LogoBar is a video advertising technology and player format that delivers a branded video player experience that: Is more efficient and effective for advertisers; Generates more inventory and revenue for publishers; and is less intrusive for viewers.
  • Matrox
    Matrox® Video offers a full range of reliable, versatile, and easy-to-use H.264 encoders designed to simplify streaming and recording workflows. The award-winning Matrox Monarch appliances are equipped to handle a wide range of today’s most popular and demanding live and on-demand applications, including lecture capture, distance learning, campus events, corporate communications, training and collaboration, and more.
  • Media Vision
    Media Vision
    Vision Media Management is a worldwide provider of fulfillment services and technology solutions to entertainment and consumer products clients. Vision MM has one foot in the physical distribution world and one foot in the technology sector of the media business.
  • Microsoft Azure
    Microsoft Azure
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    Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.
  • NewBlue, Inc.
    NewBlue, Inc.
    Experience the most powerful live & post production video solutions with NewBlueFX. Browse our video titling, effects plugins, & on-air graphics products!
  • Nielsen
    Nielsen, a leading global information & measurement company, provides market research, insights & data about what people watch, listen to & buy
  • OpenX
    OpenX creates quality programmatic advertising markets that drive superior monetization for publishers and optimal value for brands. As a monetization partner to more than 1,200 publishers worldwide, OpenX enables publisher partners and developers access to the marketing budgets of 100% of AdAge’s Top 100 Advertisers and more than 34,000 brands via the 150+ DSPs, 700+ Agencies, and Trading Desks that trade daily in the OpenX Ad Exchange.
  • Osprey
    Innovative, high performance gear that reflects a love of adventure and devotion to the outdoors. High quality packs for any adventure and season.
  • Outbrain
    Outbrain is a world-leading performance-driven discovery and native advertising platform. It helps advertisers get discovered on leading publishers' websites.
  • Pexip
    Pexip Infinity provides a flexible, scalable solution that solves interoperability challenges between video communication systems.
  • Plymedia
    Provides a spectrum of advanced, ad-tech solutions. Changed business model from providing captions. Need to investigate more.
  • Rev
    Rev is the leader in on-demand remote services, and offers audio transcription, video captions, and document translation. Rev works with the top 10 percent of freelancers, and delivers services to businesses at half the price and twice the speed of traditional vendors. Unlike offerings that require businesses to coordinate projects directly with freelancers, Rev vets the workers, manages the project, and guarantees quality. Rev’s mission is to build the best place for freelancers to work. Rev is headquartered in San Francisco and is funded by Globespan Capital.
  • SpotX
    SpotX is a video inventory management platform for premium publishers and broadcasters, helping them manage all of their demand sources from one place, and monetize content across all screens. The SpotX platform offers publishers unprecedented transparency and insight, creating a safe, controlled environment that allows them to connect with advertisers, and achieve the highest revenue possible.
  • Streamroot
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    Streamroot is a leading provider of innovative OTT video optimization technologies for content publishers, network service providers and enterprise customers. Its robust, reliable and lightweight peer-to-peer, midstream CDN switching and eCDN solutions offer improved quality of service, global reach and unique fixed-fee economics. Streamroot technologies are based on open standards such as WebRTC, Media Source Extensions and HTML5, and are widely adopted by broadcasters around the world. Founded in 2013 in France, the company today benefits from top-tier VC funding and serves premier media groups and Fortune 500 companies from its offices in Paris, New York and Denver.
  • Taboola
    Drive traffic to your site, blog or video, or monetize your site with the largest platform for content recommendation, audience acquisition, and native advertising.
  • Teleos Media Services
    Teleos Media Services
    The Buddypress Media Component adds multimedia features to your Buddypress based social network, so that your members can upload/share photos, videos and audio with their friends.
  • Vayomar USA
    Vayomar USA
    Vayomar is a consulting firm that specializes in interpersonal communication and innovation. Vayomar lead workshops of creative thinking, innovation program …
  • Videolicious
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    With millions of users across leading brands, Videolicious makes it easy for your team to grow your business with powerful social videos. Whether it’s an event video for Facebook and Twitter, a series of how-to videos for your content marketing campaign, or customer testimonials at your conference booth, our patented, fully mobile, automatic video editing technology makes video creation faster, easier, and more cost effective than ever before.
  • Vidyo – Tech Partner
    Vidyo – Tech Partner
    Beyond video conferencing, Vidyo enriches people's lives by embedding real-time video into virtually any application environment, and network.
  • VisoCon
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    Eyeson Business is a web-based group video call solution – no installation required. Do not compromise on video & audio quality, usability or pricing.
  • VoiceBase
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    VoiceBase is defining the future of deep learning and communications by providing unparalleled access to spoken information for businesses to make better decisions. With flexible APIs developers and enterprises build scalable solutions with VoiceBase by embedding speech-to-text, conversational analytics, and predictive analytics capabilities into any big voice application.
  • Volicon
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    Analytics plug-in service
  • Vormats
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    Vormats is the first solution that provides all the guidance you need to make the perfect video in minutes. Collaborate, influence and differentiate with video, without the help of production agencies. Through the unique approach of mobile video creation Vormats helps all level of users to easily create videos to impact sales growth and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.
  • Watchwith
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    WatchWith makes it easy to automatically ingest and tag your entire lineup or catalog. If new revenue is your goal, Watchwith can automatically add in-program avails (create new inventory), let you approve and fine tune placement, and deliver a new type of in-program video advertising to generate net new revenue.
  • WordPress
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    WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. We believe great software should work with minimum set up, so you can focus on sharing your story, product, or services freely. The basic WordPress software is simple and predictable so you can easily get started. It also offers powerful features for growth and success.
  • Wowza
    Wowza offers a customizable live streaming platform to build, deploy and manage high-quality video, live and on-demand. Get started in minutes.
  • YuMe
    YuMe is a data analysis platform for television advertising, founded in 2004 by Jayant Kadambi and Ayyappan Sankaran
  • Zentrick
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    Upgrade your video ads with personalized interactivity, add real-time measurements and create more inventory.
  • theta lake
    Theta Lake
    Theta Lake
    learn more
    Artificial Intelligence based video review and compliance platform
  • AmberScript
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    AmberScript is a European provider of high-quality captions and automatic speech recognition tailored to the academic sector. AmberScript offers the largest, best qualified network of transcribers and captionist in a variety of European languages. Our speech recognition is developed with full focus on academic language and thereby achieves highest accuracy on specific academic terminology. Currently, we offer high-quality captions for European languages such as Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, German, English, Flemish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.
  • Sensifai
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    Sensifai offers the world's most comprehensive video and image recognition system on-premise, on the cloud with SAAS model and on the device like a smartphone App. This video AI technology makes your image and video searchable and performs object recognition, NSFW recognition, scene recognition, attribute recognition, facial recognition, speech recognition, action recognition, and sports recognition. Try our free live demo with your own videos and images on https://demo.sensifai.com
  • VOS
    VOS is a global digital video exchange and technology platform providing a seamless process for bringing together content creators and media companies. We specialize in providing and maintaining content sales and sourcing scalability, reducing labor and editorial costs, eliminating errors in metadata assignment and extraction, and drastically decreasing the time to market for both video creators and buyers. https://www.vosdmg.com
  • Brand3D
    Place and animate 3D products into any channel to create a better and more complete buying experience using our cost-effective SaaS platform
  • SyncWords
    SyncWords is the leading provider of captioning and subtitling automation technologies, related services, and cloud-based tools. We make it easy for organizations to add closed captioning and foreign language subtitling capabilities to pre-recorded content and live video streams, including live OTT sports and news streaming services.
  • verbit
    Verbit’s smart transcription and captioning solution harness the power of artificial and human intelligence to provide over 99% accuracy, industry-leading turnaround time, and on-demand CART services. Our adaptive AI technology is customized for the higher education and legal industries.
  • AI Media
    AI Media
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    Ai-Media offers accurate, quality captions for any video, accompanied by enterprise support and easy integration. Ai-Media is working hand-in-hand with universities and colleges across the world to make sure they are meeting their regulatory requirements to provide accessibility with captions, subtitles, audio description and transcripts. Currently, Ai-Media offers captions and subtitles for all European languages, including English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, French and others. After the captions have been processed, they are automatically added to the video.
  • Kaptivo
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    Collaborate with remote team members with secure whiteboard live sharing and video conference integrations
  • Streamhub
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    Streamhub has been developed specifically for the video industry to provide a platform to collect, process and visualise reports of your 1st party audience viewing data – with speed and scale. It can standardise, query and externalise the data into your own ecosystems or online advertising and marketing platforms for automated programmatic solutions, and it can enrich audience data through its DMP providing data integration engines to enrich value & analysis by fusing 1st and 3rd party user data, ad and programme metadata, commerce, etc. to deliver real value to clients.
  • Advoxi
    Advoxi addresses a huge challenge that almost every educational institute is facing: attracting new students. Nowadays, as the competition is so stiff and so many options are available at the tip of our fingers – it is becoming even more challenging to win the hearts and minds of new students. Advoxi provides a one-of-a-kind platform for collecting and managing student testimonials on a large scale, thus allowing educational institutes to leverage the most effective form of marketing: word of mouth.
  • Eesysoft
    Eesysoft's EdTech Adoption platform enables institutions to promote usage of Ed-Tech tools with targeted, data-driven communication campaigns and in-application support to maximize the tools' ROI towards teaching and learning goals.
  • Degreed
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    Degreed is an intelligent learning experience platform that helps you continuously build and measure the skills your workforce needs next.
  • Rapidmooc
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    Rapidmooc is a plug & play self-serve video booth. Produce ready-to-use professional-quality videos in minutes without technical assistance and zero post-production.
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    Cypher Learning
    Cypher Learning
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    CYPHER LEARNING is a company that specializes in providing learning platforms for schools, universities, and organizations around the world. CYPHER LEARNING has three products: NEO an LMS for Schools and Universities, MATRIX an LMS for Businesses, and INDIE an LMS for Entrepreneurs. CYPHER LEARNING is currently the only company that offers learning platforms in all major e-learning sectors: academic, corporate, and individual. The platforms are used by over 20,000 organizations, support 40+ languages, have millions of users, and have won several awards.
  • InvariVision
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    Video Matching and Reverse Search Technology. InvariMatch identifies video fragments that are similar to the video samples in database. Anti-piracy, warnings about copyright infringement.
  • PhenixRTS
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    Phenix is the leader in real-time video solutions allowing for high quality, synchronous viewing at broadcast scale with less than a half-second of latency. Phenix end-to-end workflows capture signals at the source and provide real time encoding, ingest, transcoding, composition and content delivery to any device including mobile, browsers, connected TVs, set-top boxes and consoles with < 500 milliseconds of latency to millions of concurrent viewers. Real-time is the next frontier for companies to acquire, engage, and retain new customers/fans/subscribers in areas such as sports, esports, in-game sports betting, gamification, webinars, elearning, and auctions. Our interactive broadcasting technology was built from the ground up to enhance user engagement and drive revenue to our customers.
  • StriveCast
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    StriveCast is the client-less eCDN for video delivery. It requires no local software installation and can be hosted on-premises or via cloud
  • Blossom
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    Blossom digital transformation platform is a high end video LMS and collaboration platform that enable to manage employees, partners and customers videos and other content as well as on boarding, OJT, crtifications, knowledge management, courses and events registration, E-Learning, evaluations, engagement tools, E forms, portals and much more. Blossom platform can be launched in a very short time and has built in integration, migration and SSO tools
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    Mindstamp turns any video into an interactive experience to boost engagement, drive action, collect information, and gain insight. Add buttons, questions, hotspots, and more in seconds.
  • Idomoo Logo
    Idomoo brings together the power of video and data to deliver wow moments that engage and excite customers. With Idmooo’s one-of-a-kind Next Generation Video Platform, you can easily generate 100 or 1 million Personalized Videos in cinematic quality and in real time. The result? Revelant, actionable video communications that boost customer satisfaction and conversions.