Kaltura Video Platform for Digital Publishers   

Expand reach. Increase engagement. Boost monetization.

Expand reach. Increase engagement. Boost monetization.

Video Experiences that Stand Out   

Engage your audience with optimal viewing experiences on any screen and increase your content visibility and revenue with Kaltura. Our comprehensive cloud-based solution helps you ingest, manage, publish, distribute, monetize, and analyze your content.

Management console interface of Kaltura's video platform for digital publishers
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High-Quality Video for Live & VOD

Partnering with the world’s most prominent brands, Kaltura’s video platform helps digital publishers, broadcasters, and media and entertainment companies grow their audience and business at scale. 

Kaltura helps you to:

  • Add video to your website: on-demand, live, linear channels, or playlists
  • Reach your audience on any device
  • Increase ad viewability and capture every ad impression
  • Easily integrate with ad -servers and analytics tools
  • Expand your reach with syndication to social networks and more
  • Introduce subscription plans to further grow your business
  • Engage directly with viewers with your own D2C imprint

Launch Engaging Video Experiences in a Snap

Get up and running with on-demand or live video experiences in as fast as weeks. Enjoy fast media preparation services supporting all the latest codecs and formats from SD to 4K, instant distribution, easy player UI customization, simple orchestration, and full intuitive media and metadata management.

Interface for playlists' management in Kaltura Video Platform for Digital Publishers

Impeccable Playback on any Device

The Kaltura Player delivers flawless live and VOD playback across over 8,000 device types, regardless of the video format protocol or standard. With our player, you can make your videos engaging with 360 video and VR playback, and always be compliant with accessibility standards, offer multi-lingual captions, and more.

Kaltura Player compatible with multiple device types

Monetize Your Content Further

Increase the ROI on your content and boost revenue with advanced monetization capabilities. Kaltura provides ad insertion, optimized ad delivery and playback, background loading, and out-of-the-box integrations with ad servers and paywall platforms to increase your ad visibility and monetization.

Kaltura Player's interface for ad insertion

Syndicate to Get Discovered

Kaltura helps you syndicate your content to social networks and other video destinations, expanding your reach beyond your home base, and tapping into new revenue streams.

Content syndication interface in Kaltura Video Platform for Digital Publishers

Make Sure You're Always On

Stand out by delivering uncompromised service availability. Kaltura offers you high reliability, without glitches and outages, even when internet usage is at its peak. Scale seamlessly as your audience grows, while your content is secure and protected across all distribution channels.

Kaltura Player live streaming

Technology is necessary to have a competitive advantage. Kaltura offers us very innovative technology, a very reliable technology that our customers value a lot.


Miquel Rutllant, CEO, Lavinia Group.

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Key Features

Media management from A to Z 

Manage metadata, playlists, live channels, distribution, ad campaigns, analytics, and permissions.

High-performance player

Fast-loading and reliable for live and VOD, with native SDKs, QoE analytics, and multiple playback optimizations.

Advanced video monetization

Including optimized ad-delivery, background loading, ad insertion, floating player, auto-playback.

Cloud-based media preparation

Bulk ingest & upload, fast transcoding, metadata processing, and quick set-up of live streams.

Simplified distribution and storage

A one-stop-shop for all your video operations, including storage and CDN services.

Protect your content across channels

Kaltura Multi-DRM provides cross-device DRM and support of all major DRM schemas.

Video-centric analytics and reporting

Track engagement, playback, syndications, transcoding, storage, bandwidth metrics, and more.

OOTB integrations

Integrate ad servers, paywall platforms, storages, CDNs, measurement and syndication tools to reach and monetize further.

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