The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events

As the global workforce has gone digital, the events industry has followed suit.

It wasn’t so long ago that the term “virtual event” meant little more than a webinar. But a great deal has changed since then and, today, audiences have come to expect standout event experiences. That’s why it’s vital for companies to ensure that their virtual and hybrid events offer a level of value that will draw participants and make lasting impressions.

This 29-page guide will show you how to plan your virtual or hybrid event to deliver a memorable experience and maximize ROI. You’ll learn:

  • The key differences between virtual and in-person events
  • How to create engaging virtual experiences that center your attendees
  • Which social elements are most important
  • The unique placements you can offer sponsors
  • Top considerations to keep in mind when evaluating virtual events technology partners
  • What you need to do—step-by-step—to produce a virtual event that delivers

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