Virtual Classroom

Never stop teaching

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Never stop teaching

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A modern-day classroom, designed for the times ahead

Picture all the tools for effective learning put together. Now, imagine you can take them anywhere and use them anytime to teach anyone. Oh, and forget about downloads and installations. That’s our virtual classroom. It’s brandable, it’s continuous, and it can be totally yours.

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Hocus focus

The digital whiteboard, breakout rooms, and moderated Q&A will keep students focused, active, and happy. On-screen quizzes and polls will keep them laser-focused, interacting, and hopefully still happy.

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You’re in a class of your own

Our classroom is continuous. That means you can brand it and set up your playlists, quizzes and whiteboard activities in advance, then leave, come back, and pick up right where you left off.   

Be there for them. In a click

No last-minute downloads or lengthy installations that take up precious teaching time. Click to launch your meeting, have your learners click the link, and you’re virtually already there.  

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Built-into where learning happens

Kaltura Virtual Classroom integrates with all standard Learning Management Systems. Simple as that, so that you and your learners can stay connected or review learning materials, all inside the LMS

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Own the classroom

Teaching is hard work. So, we’ve added moderation controls to make the classroom really easy to manage. There’s also attention indicators to keep in check that all eyes and ears are on you.  


Truly see your students

With advanced analytics, you can see how engaged the class was, when and where. Then, you can use it to punish them. Just joking. You’ll want to use it to optimize your lesson plans obviously.  

Give access to everyone

You can record your class. This way, anyone can catch up on lessons. But you also have automatic transcriptions, making your course content inherently accessible, and pro editing tools so you can reuse and repurpose content easily.  

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Key features, a real class act

Designed for Simplicity
Designed for Focus
Designed for Learning
Designed for Teachers

Continuous rooms 

Browser-based classroom that saves all your work for next class. Plus a dial-in option

Content playlists 

Add media, then play and watch it with your class. Or let them watch it whenever they want 

LMS integration 

Put your brand on it and integrate it with almost any LMS you’re using. It’s yours

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