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Kaltura TV Platform

  • Platform Overview

    The Kaltura Cloud TV Platform is a complete solution for all your cloud TV needs. It includes configurable modules, products, adapters and APIs and comprises two service layers.  The metadata and data service layer features four service pillars that are managed through the operator console: Business, Experience, Data and IP-Video Control. The video processing layer prepares, stores and delivers the video to the CDN. The Kaltura TV Platform is fully modular and is easily integrated with third-party services. You can build a custom-tailored TV service choosing from more than 50 pre-integrated partners’ solutions across: cloud infrastructure, content acquisition and preparation, CDNs, analytics, ad network integration, payment gateways and end-user applications.

    Kaltura's Cloud TV Platform Infrastructure
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  • The Kaltura Cloud TV Platform offers the industry’s most advanced TV commerce features. It allows you to control every aspect of your TV offering: content packages, pricing, discounts, coupons; all in multiple currencies. It supports linear, live events, PPV, EST and SVOD and TVOD offers. The platform ensures viewers can quickly and easily make any purchase whether pre-paid, wallet based, post-paid or CSR-based. We make it easy for you to connect to any third-party payment gateway as well as in-house BSS systems. Innovative features include the ability to create and manage your own custom coupons and promotions.

    • User Management  Kaltura offers the choice of multi-user and hierarchical household models. A master user can manage the household and its users – including setting parental and purchase rules, managing additional users and devices in the household. Each user has their own identifiers, credentials, settings, favorites, bookmarks, viewing history and more. Purchases and entitlements are managed at the household level. This ensures that subscriptions are available for all household members and the total number of allowed devices is allocated across the household.
    • Device Management  Kaltura’s device management features include: device registration to identify and register each device; a central device registry to control updates for specific types of devices or regions; fraud detection; managing restrictions, such as the number of concurrent devices; and monetizing the number and type of devices.
    • Rights Management  The Kaltura TV Platform grants, enforces and protects all aspects of rights management: users, geographies, offers, assets, subscriptions, licenses, devices, parental controls and concurrency.
    Kaltura's Cloud TV Platform Infrastructure
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  • Every click counts as you build a picture of viewer behavior to enhance your service and personalize the user experience. Kaltura Cloud TV Platform lets you connect the dots, turning your data into meaningful actions and delivering improved business outcomes. It uses business intelligence (BI) tools and enhanced metadata to create a user interface (UI) that increases user engagement through personalized recommendations. You can also design promotions based on viewer habits, location and demographics, all while maintaining compliance with international privacy regulations.

    • BI  The BI dashboard provides insights to the marketing team on how your service is being used.
    • QoE  The Quality of Experience (QoE) dashboard includes analysis of all video traffic and how it is being consumed. It enables close monitoring of your end users’ real experiences. Advanced modules use machine learning to translate the basic data into insights on customer satisfaction and churn prediction.
    • Data Warehouse  The data warehouse manages all raw and aggregated data relating to service usage, as well as the content catalog, end user assets, service settings and more.  This information is used for business intelligence and audience segmentation and can also be exported to third-party tools.
    Kaltura's Cloud TV Platform Infrastructure
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  • Your subscribers get to enjoy a tailored viewer experience, enhanced content discovery and seamless switching between devices. Users can even select their favorite content and receive notifications when relevant content becomes available. Kaltura gives you full control over the look and feel of each user’s experience with a wide choice of front-end applications developed in partnership with leading design houses and app developers. The platform supports all devices including mobile, desktop, smart TVs, Android TV, Apple TV and STBs.

    • Content Discovery  Users can retrieve previously searched queries for fast lookups and receive notifications when new content appears that matches their favorite topics. Soundex search enables fuzzy search queries with spelling errors, alternate spelling or synonyms to the actual searched term
    • Player  The Kaltura Cloud TV Platform Player provides the best video performance on the market. Fastest load time is coupled with an extensive range of third-party services and plugin integrations from ad networks and analytics providers. The Kaltura player also handles DRM, encryption and licensing in real-time.
    • Content Management  A flexible metadata framework supports multiple asset types for VOD including movies, news clips, episodes, EPG and recordings.  You can configure and extend all assets using the operator console. Kaltura’s content ingest and verification services make it easy to populate the EPG.
    • User Engagement  You can engage with your users through their preferred channels. Push notifications can be sent via SMS, email and in-app messaging.
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  • Kaltura offers a number of video orchestration services to maximize your control of the video workflow. Its end-to-end cDVR orchestration and scheduling solution is based on industry-standard recorder interfaces from vendors including Broadpeak and Harmonic. It provides support for device-dependent recording policies and features multiple monetization options.  It ensures users have flexible recording options and the ability to buy additional capacity if required.  Users are able to access recordings from any location within the client application and can protect recordings against automatic deletion.

    • cDVR scheduler Kaltura’s cDVR scheduler features include: shared copy solution; recording scheduling policies; variable length catch-up buffer; record from any device; household shared quotas and assets; diverse monetization options; efficient storage management; consistent and up-to-date in real-time. It is also DRM-secured.
    • Multi DRM  Kaltura ensures secure control over content distribution for online and offline playback including support for geo-blocking and blackout areas. We manage household user entitlement and the number of concurrent devices. Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady and Smooth Streaming are supported.
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  • We offer a complete set of content preparation services for VOD, live and time-shifted TV covering acquisition, content processing, encryption, packaging and distribution.  Our capabilities are enhanced with pre-integrated third-party tools. The platform’s flexibility makes it easy to define and manage metadata for the EPG and the library including creating multiple VOD asset types – such as movies, TV series, episodes and clips. The metadata ingest services for the EPG and VOD library support standard formats including XMLTV for live/EPG and for ADI 1.1 for VOD.

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